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Protecting your assets for many generations, not just one lifetime
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Discovery - Understanding your personal circumstances and requests

Your Estate Planner will discuss with you in detail what you would like to happen with your assets when you die. They will discuss the various ways in which your Will might be structured and how best to ensure that your wishes are met in full.


They will request information from you which will be analysed by our expert team and a recommendation will be made to outline how you can fully protect your legacy.

Recommendation - Presenting the bespoke solution


When you receive your written recommendations you will be invited to attend a further meeting where your Peritum Wills Estate Planner can talk you through the recommendations and will explain how the Peritum Wills approach will protect you and

your family now and for many generations to come.

Implementation - Completing and signing all relevant documentation

To proceed with the recommendations, your Estate Planner will take payment and complete further necessary paperwork. Draft documents will be prepared for you to check before originals are produced for signature, witnessing, execution and storage.


Review - Agreeing a plan for future reviews


As circumstances can change, we recommend that regular reviews are conducted to ensure that the planning you have put in place is still relevant and appropriate.

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